Flutr is an interactive eBook Reader by Chrysalis India. Flutr is your window to a world of bespoke learning solutions that can now be accessed as per your convenience.

Coupled with a stunning design and refreshing eBook Interface, the app provides you with book download capabilities and a host of features to enhance your learning. It seamlessly integrates eBooks with videos, synched audios, image banks and interactivities for an engaging eBook reading experience.

App Features: 

  • Refreshing eBook Interface. 

  • Download your books and access them offline. 

  • Amazing Page Rendering - eBooks feel just like the printed books.

  • Portrait and Landscape view with thumbnail based navigation. 

  • Make contextual notes, highlight text and see them in a centralized section for easy reviewing. 

  • Interactive Learning with Audio, Video and Images. 

  • Read Aloud Capabilities.